Question on Recording data to dvd discs

This is a bit of a silly question but…

I’m about to buy my first dvd discs but before I do I wanted to ask whether you can record multiple times onto a dvd r disc until it gets full just like a CD r disc, or is the disc automatically closed after one write? Just wanted to confirm this. Thanks

Look at this topic:
It should be an answer for you question.

Using Multisession on dvd media is not recommended.

Hey, that was helpful. Thanks

You can write multiple times onto a DVD if that’s what you want. Some programs automatically close the disc for you, so you should use a program that lets you burn multiple sessions and you should be careful to not close the disc if you want to add more later.

Multisession DVDs are not supported in all older drives, nor are they supported in all older operating systems.

If you’re using new DVD drives and Windows XP/2000 you should be fine.

DVD+R/RW is better for writing multi-session discs with a lot of sessions, because they don’t waste as much space as DVD-R/RW.

That’s a bit too simple, don’t you think?

Saying that multi-session DVDs are not compatible with all older drives and operating systems is better than scaring people off multi-session altogether.

The price of dvds is such that there is no real need to burn multi.

DrageMester allow me to say that this is not always the case, problems do exist under XP even when using newer drives. I have run on problems numerous times, even with TYs burned with BenQs and Lities.

I dont think, thus, that the comment to avoid (if possible) multisessioning as far as DVDs are concerned, farfetched :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info - although it’s quite disappointing to hear. :frowning:

Have a look here:

if these guys are right (and this refers to the last version that is seems to be quite recent (Version 6.20 - May 02, 2006 ), windows can have problems with multisessions.

But this is a problem to involves - burning software/OS/type of files/drive and such an equation can bring problems…as said above, at present prices doesn’t seem to be wothwhile to take the risk.

Use a RW.

DVD-RW works in a different way than DVD+RW. In principle you had to wipe the info to use it again. The big advantages of DVD-RW is for video if you use it with a topset recorder.

DVD+RW came with the promise to be used as a big floppy, to drag & drop info to.
However, if you write to and delete info from it too often you get trouble, as it writes the TOC everytime and sometimes you just can’t read it.
I got this problem a lot of times, before giving up this kind of use.

The big problem has a name - packet writting software.
It surprises you to the bad side sometimes and conflicts with a lot of other applications.

RWs have also a life expectancy shorter than DVD(-/+)Rs, like CD-RWs compared to CD-Rs.
If you want reliability use DVD-RAM instead.