Question on policy

Ok, this one is mostly for the mods, but if anyone can answer me, it’s appreciated.
CDFreaks has a policy for no eeprom requests. Yes, sure, I know u guys don’t want to put up anything that will damage ppl’s drives, BUT, the mere fact that they messed up the eeprom means they have the-programme-which-has-no-name. Also, when they misflash drives, whether burners or some roms, at the moment its duff, and even tho a requested eeprom wont be identical, it will provide at least SOME functionality. So… what’s the deal on banning eeprom requests if the drive’s already down?

IMO I don´t see any need for policy change…:slight_smile:

We have ‘PM’, we have ‘email’, WHY NOT USE THEM…!

And a majority have ltnflash, “the-programme-which-has-no-name” by your def., hehe… :cool:

Things you should not do here:
-Do not request EEPROM files. Every time we see someone requesting an EEPROM file we will say “Look there is another stupid fool that did something he should not have done”. Notice that EEPROM is individual for every drive (not only for every model), using an EEPROM from another drive will most likely cause problems like low writing quality so there is no need to request such files. Throw your drive away and BUY a new one! EEPROM requests will also just make the forum look bad/messed up so we may delete/remove such posts without warning if we feel that it’s the right thing to do.

—> moderators; keep up the good and clean forum :iagree:

The forum would be infested if we allowed people to post EEPROM requests.