Question on Philips models Chapter Marker

Hi all,

I purchased a Philips dvdr72 a few years ago, and one feature I found useful was being able to insert Chapter Marker DURING RECORDING.

I was looking to upgrade and read about other later philips models and it doesnt say anything about being able to do this. For example, the DVDR3355 and 3390 says you can EDIT the disc and insert markers during “playback” by pressing the edit button, then insert marker. I’d assume this is “after” the recording is made (before finalization).

Did Philips stop using this feature?

I was looking at alternative brands that allow inserting chapter markers during recording. As I understand the Liteone models do it.

Any one know about this?

What is going on with philips? why does it seem like the later models are not upgrades but total redesigns that appear more like downgrades?

I’m desperately needing to figure this out before I invest in a new model.

My guess is that having made an announcement some time ago, Philips have probably pulled out of the design and manufacture of the standalone DVD recorder and are leaving it to others to use their reference design ICs (eg Nexperia chips).

Certainly there was suspicion that the DVDR520H was a LiteOn-manufactured unit, sometimes badged as Philips, and for which both manuals were virtually identical.

I agree that the old Philips manual chapter-marking during a recording was a useful feature, since it was the only way that chapters made on a +R disc could be subsequently recognised by standalone DVD players.

The only thing I can suggest is that you could download the Philips manual(s) and see whether the newer recorders mention it.

today i confirmed via a phone call to philips that the NEWER models so NOT have this feature. The 3355, 3390, 3400 in particular. Still unknown if the 615 does. Philips said no, but a user here said yes.

The ones that do include it are the 72,75, and 77. But of course those models do not have very good capability of recording the higher speed discs, and they dont do DivX either. Seems you lose one technology and gain another.

Doesnt appear philips is being technologically innovative in recent models… almost seems to be downgrades when compared to other manufactures out there… ho humm…

It might be possible on the 615/37 models! Page 40 of the pdf file here:

Quote: While recording in progress, you can
press OK to insert a chapter marker
wherever necessary.

so maybe a 37 or 37B will do it too :slight_smile: The documentation says it will anyway. The /17 and /17B models have the FSS button on the remote for doing it and I have a /17 I think. It’s at work, I’m not, can’t be 100% sure except for what the remote looks like.

It scares me that you talked to philips and THEY said no though… I sincerely hate consumer electronics sometimes!

The other option is to record to +RW, which should definitely allow post-recording chapter insertion. AFter editing, just make an ISO image copy of the whole +RW disc using your PC, and burn that ISO image onto a +R disc. The chapter marks you made will be recognised by DVD-Video players, even on this +R copy.

Could you let me know how you got on, looking for a DVD recorder that allows manual insertion of chapter markers? I had a Philips DVDR70 which did this, then it got covered in dust when a bloke sanding my floors couldn’t be bothered to seal the door of my lounge.

I bought another new one from an electrical shop, even though they had long-since been discontinued in the chain stores, and even got a DVDR80 off ebay as back-up.

I record horse races and keep them in a library, so this facility is really important to me, as it means I can do it while recording rather than going through the whole lot again.

Any suggestions welcome.