Question on P2P services

I’m new to the world of broadband (cable modem), the best I could do before was 24k dialup.

I used to dread using the internet, but now that I’ve got some speed, I’m considering downloading some music.

I looked at walmart, but they only let you burn a CD 5 times, and I looked at itunes, but they don’t work with Windows 98.

I’ve read a lot of posts, but still have some questions.

What is the best website to purchase non-DRM music from, or doesn’t such a site exist?

I also keep getting google results for things like safe-share (

or, but can’t figure out how they fit into P2P. Are they their own P2P networks? or do they just provide a custom client to other P2P networks?

Any info would be greatly appreicated. is a scam site and as well. There’s no such thing as sharing files 100% safely and staying legal.

Take a look at this picture. That looks exactly the same as a part of a Kazaa client, which is available for free. They take a Kazaa client, modify a few things and let you pay for it. So no, they don’t have their own P2P networks.

P2P is simply sharing files with other people without paying anything for it. Most of the files that get shared on P2P networks are copyrighted.

iTunes is a good site to get your MP3’s from.

If you want to stay on the legal side of things, then your choices are limited. Napster is probably your best bet now that they’ve gone legit.

If you wanna walk on the wild side, then your choices are practically unlimited.

Your call.

I’m a newbie here (hello), and have the same question as billroberts. what is the best site to download legal music? Will napster allow me to transfer/burn the music to other computers/hard drives more than 5 times?