Question on oc'ing DVD Writers' CD writing speed

Is it (at least theoretically) possible to oc LiteOn’s DVD Writers
to gain 48x (or even 52x) max. CD writing speed?

I think it is outside of the motors capabilities. The 1213S has a new motor which allows 12x DVD and 48x CD. So I would have to say no. Also there is little gain in burn time for the extra noise it creates…

some place in this forum a while ago someone posted the abilities of the mediatek chipset. the only things liteon was not maxing were read speed on dvds and cds. so you can be sure that it is writing as fast as possible

Noone ever overclocks the cd writing abilities of a dvd drive. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before dvdrw’s can write cd’s at 52X. If you look at the 15 seconds save by writing at 52x vs 48x you realize it’s really just not worth it.