Question on NERO SPEED results

I’ve been using nerospeed for quite awhile now and I was wondering which numbers I should look at. I normally base the quality on PI Errors and Failures, but I was wondering if the TOTAL PI errors and the TOTAL PI failures mattered. Also…what should the jitter be? I’ve read the faq on the liteon quality tests but there isnt one for Nerospeed so if someone can shed more light on this knowledge…i’ll appreciate it. :iagree:

Total number of errors doesn’t seem to have much bearing on disc quality, just the maximum and average values. As for jitter, that is one quality test I don’t know much about myself.

if you read the cd speed thread you will see that the quality # is solely based on MAX PIF. no wieght is given to total #'s, averages or PI.

the FAQ is right here above the kprobe faq. you will need to search the thread for a ericdeppe post to find what he states is used for the quality score