Question on NEC-ND3550A RW

I am the newbie in this stuff, so I appreciate if you can please help me.
I went to and I would like to flash my NEC-ND3550A to RPC1. There is so many firmwares so which one should I use? :confused:

Once you flashed it to become RPC1, does that mean that you can make “backup copies” any region of DVDs using Nero? What about “playback”? Please advice.

I bought and installed the new NEC-ND3550A RW onto my Dell couple of months ago.


No reply? :frowning:

Just download the lates RPC1 latest version (in this case 1.G3) and install it you would be OK.

Welcome ramalec:

TCAS’s information will get you going on your first question (firmware version). In answer to your second question:

does that mean that you can make “backup copies” any region of DVDs using Nero?

Nero is simply one burning program. In fact, Nero is a suite containing many programs. While some call this bloatware, I like it & I use it.

You will find that those DVD’s which have copy protection will require additional software to allow for a backup. Nero will not make backups of copy protected software. Do a search on CDF and you will find there are a wealth of commercial as well as free programs.

1.G* firmwares will NOT work on retail drives.

Use the 1.06 or Liggy’s 1.06 with bitsetting.

Thanks for the clarification Liggy.

1.y6 is a great firmware to use, not only rpc1 but bitsetting and media speed enhancements. This is what I have used since March and it has done well for me. Remember if you use these none factory firmwares you will invalidate your warranty, personally I think it is worth it. Good luck.

Thank you very much, got the stuff works!