Question on Maker of CompUSA $14.99 100 pack DVD's

Yesterday’s CompUSA add features 100 packs of (I believe) its own brand DVD- and + for $14.99. I realize that at 15 cents a piece this simply can not be quality media, but for the heck of it, I was wondering if anyone knew the code of this media - whether it’s CMC, Ritek, etc. Thanks

I had 100 +R media which were INFOME/R20 and were okay–older CMC kind of quality, sort of like AE1 was. I also have a 100 of -R media (the white/clear ones) and that’s PRINCO. Avoid this media!

You’re better off taking your chances with the +R in my experience, but do consider this disposable media. Remember all the talk of ‘play once’ media what would have some kind of degrading agent tied to laser sensitivity? Well, this stuff may be as close are you’re going to get to that.

Good luck!

I concur that if you absolutely must give this stuff a shot then stick with the +R as the -R would only be worth it if they were giving it away to you (even then it would only be worth using to give away to other people).