Question on LTR-48125x?


Someone can explain to me the difference within the LTR-48125S & the LTR-48125W ??
( Firmwares, Copy protected compatibility, Etc … )

Thx for answer

Schnoufy the Frenchie

Flash memory.

LTR-48125S - ST Microelectronics
LTR-48125W - Winbond


Thanx for your answer, Daiser !!!

It’s the same Hardware ??


schnoufy ,

Yes, exactly. Just a flash memory chips for main microcontroller are differs. I have LTR-40125S (Sony CRX195A). There is a list of firmwares used in my CD-RW drive:

  1. ZYS5 (CRX195A)
  2. WS09 (LTR-40125W)
  3. ZS0N (LTR-40125S)
  4. VS08 (LTR-48125W) (using now!!!)

Sorry 4 bad English ;-|

I have a LiteOn LTR-48125S.

Anybody knowing which firmware is the best. 1S01 that the drive came with, or VS08 which will turn it into a LTR-48125W?


Thanx for all these precious infos, Daiser !!!

Schnoufy, the frenchie