Question on Liteonon to Benq Flash to BenQ

From reading here (correct me if I am wrong), it appears you can flash a Liteon 20A1P to a BenQ DW2000 and also a Liteon 18A1P to a Benq DW1800.

Which would be the better choice for overall good burns, scanning etc.?

Also after the flash from a Liteon to a BewnQ, can you use the BenQ software (and it is available for free or otherwise)??

Would there be any advantage to just buying the BenQ drive and if so (which would be the better choice,) also will either model be available in the US?? I have been checking Newegg and ZipZoomFly and see no trace of the 1800 or 2000 drives?

PS Would the “P” version be the best one to pick for the cross flash?

I not sure which one is better but users have said liteon is a good scanner from what I can read of their posts. Plus also cross flashing voids your warranty as well-so do take that into consideration unless it’s past it’s warranty period then you can do what flashing you like. I don’t use BenQ so I don’t have a opinion on their drive performance stats.

Yea–I know about the warranty.

I was wondering what would be the better drive to crossflash (either to DW1800 or DW2000)? (If I were to cross flashi to BenQ).

I was also wondering if any one has the scoop on if the BenQ 1800 and/or 2000 will be available in the US any time soon. AND if these are any better (for example–maybe the exact same drive but assembled in a different location thus quality concerns our other tidbits).

I have never had a BenQ so I was also wondering about the software for the BenQ (both is it is free, if it can be had, and how it works on the crossflashed drive).

I have Now

  1. Pioneer 111d
  2. Lighton 1673
  3. Lighton 160P6s

I am trying to build my collection (as much as I can with the wife wanting to know why another drive).

Hmm… I don’t think there’s any real benefit in flashing a 20A1P to a DW2000. Mine performs about the same whether it’s a Litey or Bennie. And if you venture into the BenQ forum, the DW2000 doesn’t count as a real BenQ drive anyway. :slight_smile: You can try some tricked out firmwares if you keep it as a Litey, though.

If you’re looking to build your collection, maybe try a Sammy, LG or Optiarc as your next drive. The DW2000/LH-20A1P is already eclipsed in burning quality by your DVR-111D; it’s also not as good a DVD scanner as your SHM-160P6S.

I would expect the DW1800 would not count as a real BenQ either (as well as the DW2000 as you mentioned).

I see you mentioned sammy as the first choice–what model sammy (ide) would you recommend?

Of the IDE Sammsungs readily available in the U.S. right now I’d probably go with the SH-202G… but I have no basis for recommendation other than that it’s new, it has some killer manufacturer specs, and I haven’t tried one yet. Hopefully it will be fun to play with cuz it’s in the mail. :slight_smile:

Honestly I’ve been looking for a drive to replace the Pio 111L and 112L as my main burners. I spent the last week juggling my collection and finally returned to the Pios as my best DVD burners. They don’t scan, and they’re poor CD-R writers; but they burn the heck out of a wide range of DVD media with nice PIE/PIF figures and consistently low jitter. My GSA-H42N posts better PIE/PIF figures but isn’t so good with DL media, and its jitter levels aren’t the best; my PX-716A and PX-760A can burn CD-Rs very well but produce unspectacular DVD results; my BenQs (1620, 1640 and 1650) are superb CD-R writers and can scan and overburn very well, but again jitter is bettered by the Pios; the DW2000/LH-20A1P burns better than my other Liteys but isn’t quite as good a scanner… and jitter’s inconsistent.

I dunno. You already have a well-rounded set of drives: the 111D as a great SL and DL DVD burner, the BenQ as a great CD-R writer, CD-R scanner and DVD overburner, and the 160P6S as a very even-handed DVD scanner. Buy anything you’ll have fun playing with.

I do not have a BenQ Tropic–wish I did :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Please post your impression of the 202g as newegg has them here in the states.

Whoops, I guess you never said you had a BenQ… don’t know where I got that! The 202G should be here on Thursday. I think a few others already have it–try checking the Samsung burners forum for impressions, scans, expletives, etc.

I did not see much on the 202 (IDE)–but did see a longer thread on the SATA model.

I was wondering what all the fuss is about–I do not see the specs that are getting people excited (but I only saw the specs as listed on newegg–no reviews or any thing).

The specs on Newegg are wrong.:iagree:

Since those BenQ’s are rebadged LiteOn’s, you might as well keep the LiteOn’s original.

So–do you know what the specs are?, is it a good burner, a good scanner, or both??

Also–the scans I looked at on the sata look better then the ide scans–have you seen a burn for quality and not speed yet?

Please fill me in. The Sammy forum I saw was mostly just posts of scans on different media. I would like to see specs, reviews, and burn and scan quality.

I hope you can inform me as it is back in stock at newegg in a few days (they say on site).

The sata scans look pretty good, I am kind of looking at an sata model and a sata card (and hope the sata card can handle the data).

Thanks for the input.