Question on LiteOn eBAU108

Got two of these for the last two years. However, I just realize it’s not compatible with DVD-RAM (at least on my second unit).

I do however know this writer did come in two different box packagings, the most recent one blue background while the previous one in red background…

Does anyoneknow if the eBAU108 was once compatible with DVD-RAM (both read and write) until recently (ie. during the past two years or so)??

Is there a number behind the 108? I have a 108 6, bought last year and it´s not compatible to DVD-RAM.

LiteOn stopped support DVD-RAM some years ago, but I don´t know the exact date or models

I forgot the full model number for my first one – that one was bought sometime in 2016.
My second one is manufactured in 2017 and bears the model eBAU108-11(6)

I don’t know if those in red-colored packaging with models eBAU108-01(*) were indeed DVD-RAM compatible

BTW the newer ES-1 model is also not compatible with DVD-RAM. Apparently the eBAU108 has been supplanted by the ES-1 which is of worse build quality…

The reason I stick to the Lite-On brand (slim drives in this case) is the capability to convert to RPC1 with LtnTools
If I have to find a slim drive of another brand then I’ll have to find one with a cracked firmware to disable RPC2 which can be very difficult

I’d assume you meant “patched” firmware.

About which kind of DVD-RAM media we speak here?
There is a variety of them to date because DVD-RAM comes in many Revisions. :wink:

I know DVD-RAM has various revisions but I never associate that with driver compatibility. Maybe you can explain a bit more on that.

Have you actually tested the drive with various DVD-RAM media?