Question on Liteon Drives?

Well I am new to using Liteon drives. I was a Plextor fan until they started making lower quality drives and selling them for double the price of normal drives of other brands. I work with computers a lot and I saw DELL likes to use Liteon drives, so I went ahead and gave Liteon a try. Well I had a Plextor 504a dvd+r drive that I sold and bought a Liteon 401S DVD+R which has better reviews than my old Plextor 504a. I also use a Liteon DVD-Rom 166s.

I have been hearing mixed reviews on the liteon DVD+R 401S drive and just wanted to clear things up.

Does this drive work good with DVD X COPY XPRESS?
Does this drive work with media like TDK, MEMOREX, FUJI, or VERBATIM all 4X rated?
Does the drive make lots of errors in writing or not?
What is the latest firmware that works good with this drive?

I made a choice not to buy expensive drives since I can save money on a drive and buy more media with the left over cash. If not I would have boughten the Plextor 708A, but who needs to write at 8X, at those speed, you will probably lose quality.

What is the latest working firmware for this drive?

Thanks, DJA2K

God knows what to do with plextor fan’s :wink:


  1. yup
  2. read liteon forum … you’ll find exact answer what type of media You shoud use
  3. it depends on used media. as with every cdr/dvdr device
  4. ES0G

You’ve made good choice :] Though i’m not a plextor owner i doubt too that plextor makes 8x dvd+r quality burns