Question on LiteOn 832s



Ok this is my first post so be nice.

I’ve done a lot of research regarding buying a new DVD Burner as I only have a CD Burner currently. I was looking at getting the 812s before stumbling upon the 832s which as of now I cant find ANYWHERE. I’ve been hoping that will pick it up but as of now no…

I was thinking if I’m shelling out the money now for a drive, it might be worth while getting a drive that has Dual Layer capabilities, even if its only 2.4x. Ill just wait until later to buy some Dual Layer media.

Just wondering if anyone has found it and for how much?

I was looking before to buy the 812s for 79.99 including shipping. If I can get the 832s somewhere for under $100 i’m sold to buy it. I also saw the NEC ND-2510A Dual Layer drive thats selling for only 90.00 including shipping. Brand name wise I currently have a Lite ON CD Burner that I’m very happy with so I was hoping to stay LiteON unless something pulls me different. Game Backups and being able to burn many different things is big for me.

Anyone know where I can find the 832s? Or should I just wait another month for it to show up everywhere. I see it at some websites based overseas, but I was more looking for one in America myself, lol

I’ve read the posts about firmware updates that can potentially turn the 812s into the 832s. Is it something that’s hard to do? So I assume the drive will then be able to burn Dual Layer no problem just like any 832s? If this is true, my decision might be mad, even after reading through a bunch of posts if someone could just explain how that works a little bit that’d be great.

Any help or reccomendation would be great!




the sony 700a is the liteon sohw-832s liteon makes it for sony then sony renames it to 700a bestbuy has them in stock now. I seen them just today, there $199.95 as I recall.


ok im looking at posts as i edited my post before you just responded and “I’ve read the posts about firmware updates that can potentially turn the 812s into the 832s. Is it something that’s hard to do? So I assume the drive will then be able to burn Dual Layer no problem just like any 832s? If this is true, my decision might be mad, even after reading through a bunch of posts if someone could just explain how that works a little bit that’d be great.”

I was looking to spend around $100 max and i see the 812 for only $79. So is it possible to do a firmware upgrade to make it just like a 832? and if so could it potentially damage the drive?

Sorry like I said before I’m new to this so I’m just trying to get all the info before going out and getting one.
That NEC ND-2510A drive I mentioned above for $90 still looks interesting also any comment from anyone on that?
Thanks again for all the help,



here is a thread on cdrinfo about it:

both drives have very similar hardware, so flashing 812 with a patched firmware of a 832, it will act as 832…



there’s much info on this subject @CDFreaks, so there’s no need to link to any other site.


ok now for anyone out there if its between getting the 812 and then patching it, or just buying the NEC ND-2510A Dual Layer drive which would you do?

if patching it is that error free and that easy without really any chance of screwing anything up with the patches from the link above doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Not sure which patch I’d do, but it sounds like I just pretty much install whichever patch, still not sure which one to pick, and thats it.

Which would you reccomend? the thread from cdrinfo seems to make it seem like it might be pretty easy. Has anyone reading this thread changed the firmware on their 812s to the 832s and had any problems at all? And it was pretty easy I take it.

I went to the link
I see there VS01 (stock and 812S@832S)
• VS03 (stock and 812S@832S)
• VS04 (stock and 812S@832S)

Do I have to do anything with that OmniPatcher there?

So I would just pick the newest one of those and install it and have no problem hopefully? just wondering if anyone else had experience and did the same so I’m not missing anything.

Sorry I’m just trying to cover my bases and figure stuff out before I go ahead and order a drive tomorrow. I don’t want to mess up any new purchase I get, but if its pretty easy to do, might just try it. I know I’ve asked a LOT of questions, sorry for all of them. I’m just new to this and have read a lot of posts but want to be sure on everything.



Actually it’s up to you & your needs.
But if I were you, I’d definitely choose the latter one, i.e. the NEC ND-2510A,
simply because it’s a better writer.
And don’t get me wrong, this is not some kind of advertisement, since I have both the worlds.


After having my 812 for a while now I’d recommend the NEC, I’m fed up having to scan every -R disk to see if it will be readable (and a lot of them aren’t). The NEC drives just seem to write well to any old cheap disks.


I don’t know about other experiences but after mine with NEC 1300A I’d never ever buy another NEC drive again. I have chaneged 3 of these 1300A and besides serious problems when it comes to writing some cheaper discs, they have serious problems reading anything. About 1/3 of the discs I tried were unreadable in NEC1300A and perfectly readable in LiteOn 812. Even pressed discs were problematic (and not a defective drive but 3 in a row behaving identicaly). Maybe 2500/2510 is an entirely different story but after such an experience I am not willing to take the risk anymore. So the answer may not be very easy…


You don’t sound comfortable with F/W upgrades to me. So even if you did get a cheaper,but not worse quality wise,LiteOn 812S which could be F/W upgrade to DL 832 later. Besides, no one yet mentioned you will need a compatible DVD Application SWs to be able to support your DL DVD Drives.That is,even if you can F/Wwise upgraded to DL like 832 with your 812,you will need to have this kind of compatible SWs in hand to be abe to Read/Write to it even with DL media. For Nero Burning you will need version 6.. and Sonic MyDVD with their similar updated version. These would cost you more money if you DID NOT have them already. Buying an existing DL Drive with SWs should avoid these and possible F/W upgrades complexity. So plan you budges carefully.

Regards and good luck



If you actually want DL, then you should be comfortable with using hacked firmwares. If not, then do NOT get the 2510A, as the lack of bitsetting support basically kills it in terms of DL (using a hacked firmware can get you around this problem, of course).

As for the 812S@832S upgrade, the easiest thing to do is to download the latest version from the site that you mentioned, and run the executable labeled as 812S@832S. The use of the OmniPatcher is optional, and should be used only if you feel like customizing your hacked firmware.

Also, the 812S@832S conversion has been done by a fair number of people. It burns single-layer media just fine without any problems, and so far, there have been a number of successful double-layer burns.


Code is very correct about the stock nec 2500 or 2510a firmwares they dont do bitsetting and , as he has pointed out the DL media if not set to DVD-ROM could very well not play in stand alone dvd player or even a pc dvdrom if that unit does not have the new DL media id in it DVD+R DL so at this time the 812s@832s is better bet. As it has bitsetting support in the stock fw and code has been good enough to fix up very nice 812 to 832 windows loader on his website.


@Hans Gruber
What do you mean you recommend NEC? is liteon that bad?
with my current CD-R, after each copy, i run a compare check of all files, when it is successful (99.9% of the time, actually, it failed only once), i delete the data from the harddisk.

also noname007 is your opposite, after trying NEC, no more NEC…

i am also confused between nec and liteon, but will get liteon, as i read, it can never get missed up, you can recover it whatever firmware you put.

i posted outside links, as it’s the only place i found side-by-side picture of 812 vs 832 hardware


I’d say it almost doesn’t matter which one you buy, I’m sure an 2510A or a 832S will serve you well. However one thing in favour of the 832S is that it’s no doubt tons better at backing up copy protected CDs of any type than the NEC…which is why as you’ll see from my list of writers below I keep a couple of Lite-ON CD Writers and a DVD Writer on hand just incase I need to backup a tough copy protected CD.

Just remeber the golden rule of matching the media to the drive and you’re laughing.

NEC ND-1100A x2
NEC ND-2500A flashed with Herries 107v2B5
NEC ND-2510A delivered today
Lite-ON LDW-851S
Lite-ON LTR-52327S
Lire-On LTR-40125W


Well from my experience the LiteOn is very picky about what -Rs it will write to. Mine even struggles with supposedly premium dyes like RITEKG05 and don’t even think about using the really cheap disks in it. It certainly seems to favour the +R format, but if you mainly use +R media it’s not really a problem. From the people I know with a NEC 2500 it will burn well to pretty much anything you put in it.

But then if you want to burn DL media that’s +R anyway so it’s -R writing performance may well not come into it. Personally I don’t think I’ll be buying another LiteOn drive unless +R and -R media prices even out here in UK.


im comfortable with firmware upgrades, especially if its as easy as just running that 812S@832S exe upgrade from

So its the 832S.VS04.patched-812S@832S.exe that id run from the newer file and thats it?

I’m comfortable with it as long as I’m not going to mess up anything or degrade the quality from that point out since ill pretty much be applying it as soon as I get it. I just don’t want to hurt the reliability of my burning by doing something like that especially when ill be doing it right out of the box thats all. So the drive software wise on my computer will say 832s? Is there somewhere to go afterwards to check so I know that it worked and everything?

would i first run this file
LiteOn SOHW-812S Patched US05/US0A/US0F/US0G - enabled bitsetting support

thats also at that site to enable bitsetting on the drive before I switch it.

Those are pretty much the last questions I have.

Id just like to thank EVERYONE for all their input as I’m definitely new to the whole DVD Burning scene.

Especially with it being able to backup most stuff the 812s seems like the burner for me and with the firmware upgrade being able to burn Dual Layer even at a slower setting, so when it becomes more widely used Ill atleast have it. I assume that you cant put any more firmware updates on it later to update it even more if things become faster or anything, but thats no big deal for now anyway.

Thanks again,




RITEKG05 is “premium”? :z NEC and a few other companies have actually dropped the official speed of RITEKG05 down from 8x to 4x because it’s such a bad and inconsistent media type. It’s no secret that Ritek’s been dropping quality control lately, both from the results people see and from what people have heard. Until Ritek learns to get its act together, I wouldn’t call the G05 “premium.” Though I’ve heard that Ritek is finally realizing how they’ve screwed up and are trying to fix it with the G06. We’ll see.


Yes, it’s not easy. Loading a firmware with bitsetting support before loading the 832S firmware will do nothing for you. Bitsetting support is something that rests within the firmware, so if you load a firmware with this support and then overwrite it with a 832S firmware, it’s as if you never loaded that 812S firmware in the first place.

Yes, it is just as simple as running that .exe file that you mentioned. You can see if it worked or not by seeing if your drive gets identified as a 832S after the reboot and seeing if there is nothing unusual going on with the drive.


ok maybe not premium :stuck_out_tongue: but they’re regarded as one of the better -Rs, I can only really think of Verbs having a better reputation. Other than those 2 it’s really just crap like princo


so liteon is still good when it comes to -r media? i heard that -R media is compatible with more things so I guess its a 50 pack of -R ill buy for now. any reccomendations on that? i guess ive decided on the LiteOn 812 and just do the firmware upgrade to get it to be the 832s. If i was to pick the ND-2510A Dual Layer drive i guess the only advantage is its less picky about media since i can change the bit setting that was talked about before to make them equal out.

Anyway im probably getting the LiteOn 812 I should get -R media i would guess from what i wrote above. Can anyone reccomend some -R media that they know works well with it? I’ve seen some good deals on Ritek so count them out?




All lite-on drive burn -R media worse then +R you should get +R media for 812 mcc003 works very well on it then set the booktype to DVD_ROM