Question on iHAS model numbers

I need to replace my Liteon LH-20S1A (or something like it).

I was looking at the Liteon models on NewEgg and it seems to be mostly iHAP and iHAS. I brilliant detective skills have deduced that all the iHAS are the SATA models. And it seems like all the -08 ending numbers are retail and all the -04 or -06 are OEM drives.


Further Sherlocking has made me assume that the iHAS120 and 220 are the same, but the 220 has lightscribe and the 120 doesn’t.

There is no iHAS322 yet, but I would assume it’s the same as the 422, but without the lightscribe.

So my two questions, are my assumptions I made correct. And is there any signficant differences between the iHAS120/220 and the iHAS322/422 besides the 20X vs 22X DVD/R burning speed?

I’m looking to buy a DVD burner today and trying to decide if the $20 OEM iHAS120 will work or if I should spend extra and get the $30 retail iHAS422 (no OEM available and no 322 either)?

The 322 and 422 have smarterase.

I have terrible time with iHAS120-04. It’s burn quality is not as good as some other burners such as my old NEC ones or IDE version of Lite-ONs.

I have the EZ-DUB with the 120 in it and it scans great. What firmware version is on your drive and what disks are you having problems with?

I have flashed mine to CK’s 7L0F EOHT. I understand my SATA iHAS would not work well with TDK’s RITEK S04 and Sony’s RITEK D01 +R DL. What I didn’t realize is even Verbatim MCC030 had poor scan. IDE version probably has better luck than my iHAS.