Question on HDMI switch with 1 HDMI and 1 DVI

I’ve got an LCD TV with 1 HDMI input. My HD cable box has only a DVI output. I’ve got a DVI to HDMI cable for video and RCA cables for audio. My TV has setting for that so it is working well for me.

I want to add an upconverting DVD player. I have purchased a 2 way HDMI switch. 1 for the TV and 1 for the DVD player. My question is if I have the TV set up to receive sound from the RCA cables (video is thru DVI to HDMI cable)… how do I hook up the sound thru the other switch from the DVD player that is HDMI to HDMI?

Are you using the TV for audio? Or using a home theater receiver? I hope it’s the latter, as you’re missing out on a lot of good sound otherwise.

The answer is that you also need to have a switch for the audio if your TV has only one input. Most people use a home theater receiver with multiple audio inputs. Many also use a receiver with multiple video inputs, which gives you the switching too. Many newer receivers also feature HDMI switching, and even up-conversion of analog video to HDMI.

Thanks for the input (Pun intended)… No I don’t have sound system . I have it downstairs. I did find audio setting on TV menu that I can switch between HDMI to DVI and HDMI to HDMI, so I’m thinking that when I’m watching TV I will use the HDMI to DVI setting and when I switch to DVD I can use the software un the TV as a switch and use the HDMI to HDMI setting. It kind of seems logical but I could be missing something.

Not all devices can send/receive audio through the HDMI cable, hopefully yours does. Certainly the DVI-HDMI will not.

I have yet to purchase the DVD player.I will be doing that soon ( as soon as I can figure out which one. ) I am leaning towards the Yamaha DVS 5950B upconversion

The OPPO is the highest rated upconverting DVD player if you’re still looking. I love my 971. The newer 981 has HDMI instead of DVI and they actually give you a cable.