Question on HD editing and best media

I just bought a gbw h20l rewriter from circut city for $200 ( a deal i just couldnt pass up) I have a few qustions

I have a quad core computer with a ati x1650 video card (I dont think its a HD card) I also have a acer 22 inch wide screen moniter (not HD monitor) I do have a canon hv20 camcorder which is high def.

I want to convert my movies to bluray. Since my moniter isnt HD and my video card not HD will i be able to transfer and edit the video on my computer ( note … i dont care how it really looks on my puter just on my tv which is HD)

The softwar that comes with the rewriter is power producer. What is the best and easiest software to make bluray moves with chapters and menu’s? I have used nero express and ulead media in the past.

I have been told thjat sony bluray disks are the best , is this true ? Is there anyothers that are cheaper that are the same quality?

if i use rewritable media will it work in a ps3? can you close the disk after it has been burned later. this way i can test it to make sure it works and if so just close the disk so it cant be erased?\

thank you for your help


First download the “BD Advisor” from Cyberlink and run it.

I don’t have a ati x1650 but I am pretty sure you can play Blu-ray with it.

Converting you movies should be no problem at all.

I don’t think anyone really know what the “best” Blu-ray media is yet; considering Verbatim and TDK can overspeed in most drives. I have not had any coasters with either of them they are my favorite :wink:

In addition to MegaDETH,

1- There are some ATI X1650 that are HDCP ready so check with BD Advisor as MegaDETH said.

Yes you will be able to transfer HD video from your camcorder.

2- Best software is mostly user preference but the more features they have, the more expensive they are.

3- I think it is safer to get Made in Japan blu-ray media.

4- Rewriteable such as BD-RE and BD-RE DL (50GB), yes you can play on PS3, erase and burn it again and again.

Let us know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

thanks for the info , going to install the drive this weekend