Question on DVD players?

How many Manufacturers of DVD players are now enabling them to play back DIVX format, as Im not sure weather to convert my divx movies to DVD files or to just leave them.

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You won’t gain any quality by converting them, but you will gain compatibliity with other players. Plus you can get more movies on 1 disc.Hope this helps.

what so when you convert divx to dvd the file size increases ? ive looked at the spec for standard dvd players and they dont mention divx playback, or does this go without saying ?

Yes, if you convert DivX to DVD-Video then the size increases back up to 4.3GB per movie, usually. Don’t expect the quality to be anything special though, since it was lost when the DivX was made.

If the player spec doesn’t mention DivX or XviD in the spec, then it probably doesn’t do it.

Rereading my post, I should have said the benefit of divx is more files on 1 disc, but less compatibility with dvd players, and the benefit of converting to dvd is just more compatibility. Sorry for the confusion…