Question on DVD Burner!

Could anyone tell how many format of DVD disc, and what they are?


I’d like to know what is DVD-5, DVD-9 discs? and why they call this names? I couldn’t find the definition of it on the internet!

Could anyone provide me any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

DVD-5 is single sided, single layer
DVD-9 is single sided, dual layer
DVD-18 is double sided, dual layer (you almost always have to turn the disc over to get to the second side)


Hi David,

Thanks for your information!

Besides, could you tell me if dual format means the drive can burn dual layer (DVD-9) disc?

I have a BenQ DW800A, but I heard that it’s a single format. So, does it only write single layer disc?

Thanks for your help in advance!!

Your BenQ DW800A is dual format, which mean it can read/write + and - discs.

At present there aren’t any dual layer writers available but this is soon to change.