Question on Drives: LTD166S or LTR-52327S or LTC4816H?



Yep, all Lite-ON drives, which i hear were the cheapest soln. to burning past copy protection like safe-disc 2, 4 back ups of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one of these drives is best for doing so?

As well, i found these drives on and If anybody knows any other websites selling the drive i need in the UK, plz tell me!!

Of couse, if there are better drives nearing no more than 50 quid please tel me!


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I really need help: which one is best:


CD-RW 52r 52w 32rw Int IDE RP
Mfr code: LTR-52327S
Quicklinx: 2PF9WS
95 now
2186 1-3 days £31.00

please help!


All of these drives provide different functions, a 166S won’t burn anything! 52327S seems like a good investment, if you need to play DVDs too get the combo.


Where do you need the drive for???

The LTD166S won’t burn, because it’s a DVD-ROM (a very good one).

The LTR52327S is Lite-On’s fastest burner and can copy SD2.8 and up.

If you got the money for it, you could go for the LTC4816H, because you’ll have a CD-burner and DVD-player (not writer) in one. If you already have a DVD-ROM, hold your money and go for LTR52327S.


If you have the money get the 166S and the 52327S.:bigsmile:


Cool, thx guys, only one problem though…

look at this, especially the model number whch is 166s!

does not make sense that amazon are selling a cd burner and ahave the wring model number on it. Any idea which model this one is, and if so, if its better than the 52327S?



Amazon are wrong. Mail them and tell them their error and ask, I’m nearly certain that you get a 52246S if you order one as the top says Lite On 52x24x52 CDRW Drive and the box is red. But maybe you get a 7S :slight_smile:
Or you get a 166S and will have to buy a burner from a real shop.
If you don’t have a DVD-ROM and burner then get both :slight_smile:


which is better, the 52372s or the 52246s?


Any :bigsmile:


I just put in my order for a 166S today. But today, I also when to a nearby hardware store and bought the Plextor Premium CDRW. It was tough for me to figure out which CDRW is the best one to get. I think it came down to either the Premium or the LTR-52327S. The store didn’t carry the 52327S, so I got the Premium.

I haven’t opened it yet, but I hope it’s a good drive that I won’t regret getting. I want a good writer that will do well for backing up App and Game CD software, since these little CDs are SO expensive – and one mishap and you could be out $400 over one dumb CD scratch. I need the drive to be able to handle the latest copy protections. Initially I guessed the Premium was the best at that. But the 52327S is new and I haven’t heard a lot about it’s ability at copy protections.

I hope I made the right choice.


The Premium is a good drive so don’t you worry. Of course here in the LiteOn forum we prefer that other brand though :wink: