Question on downloading updates

Each time I log on to my computer it shows that there are updates for AnyDVD and CloneDVD and offers to take me to the Slysoft webpage. How do I download the updates properly? I currently have the free trial but plan to purchase the full version once my free trial is up. I tried to do it on Saturday but it didn’t work. Some type of error came up so I had to abort. I ended up having to remove the entire program from my computer and download the whole version again from Slysoft. I haven’t tried to update CloneDVD yet but need to for this as well. Please advise the steps I need to take and keep in mind I’m very basic in my understanding of these things so be specific. Do I have to uninstall the whole program each time? Am I even able to update at all when I have the trial version? Thanks for the help.

Well just download the CloneDVD and then download Any DVD, save them on the computer of run the program after setup after each program gets installed you’ll need to reboot the computer. As for waiting…why wait it is better to buy on the weekday some people have problems and / or delays on getting the unlock reg. key. It’s all worth the money. Honestly they could raise the price 20.00 USD and it’s still worth it free updates for life. As you see they (Slysoft) are not greedy like Microsoft… I hope this explained everything plain and simple these two programs are great for those who want to do other things instead of wondering if it will copy right. If you are doing dual layered media 8.5 gig discs I suggest to get clonecd too, it will do a 1 : 1 copy without messing with the layer break there’s alot of great information here. Have a question use the search feature or post it and one of us nice users will gladly help you on anything you need to know. Oh did I say welcome to cdfreaks… :clap:

I know I’m blonde but I didn’t understand what you meant. I already have the programs downloaded but am needing to install updates. Do I have to uninstall and then completely reinstall the programs or do I just go to the website and hit the “Download” like I did the first time? On Saturday I went to the website and hit Download and that’s when I got the error and had to abort the download.

You’ve already downloaded both programs, righ? Now run them, one at a time, follow the install prompts, and reboot AFTER EACH ONE.

That should be it. The new versions will install right over top the old ones.

turn off you anti-virus and firewall (cause sometimes they interfere with the download) then download install and reboot.

You don’t need to reboot after each one. You can install them both and reboot afterwards.

Good to know.

on the forum main page SS is running the coupons again

Also make sure you do not have CloneDVD2 running when you try to apply the update!!

After reading the text you click “yes” in the dialog, then your webbrowser will show you the SlySoft download page. Download your update, install it, done.