Hi everyone! I finally have everything in order via editing videos from dvd.
ONE last question: I have a dvd ripper (AoA) which I like. When I take my dvd segment or chapter to POWER DIRCTOR,7 to edit I am wondering:
Do I need a RIPPER at all with POWER DIRECTOR? Will cyberlink actually
rip the segment, batch or chapter of a dvd and then also edit and publish it to mpeg4. If so,then I can do everything with ONE program? If not, will one of the experts let me know.
Thanks Loads,

You have power director - it did not come with a manual or help??

It depends on what type of dvd you are working with. Commercial dvds are encrypted and Power Director will not be able to decrypt and rip them.

Home made dvds should work with the program without having to use an outside ripper.