Question on Cloning

I recently bought a “previously viewed” version of The Italian Job at my local video store, and it plays OK despite minor wear and tear. As a precaution, I wanted to make a backup using a DL DVD. Tried that using CloneDVD2 and I get an error at 2% stating "Data error (cyclic redundancy check) along with a suggestion to clean the disc. I used mild soap/water and I still get the same notice. I had a week to bring it back if it didn’t play, but that’s passed and now I’m wondering what to do. Somebody at work said they heard you can polish out the light scratches using a very fine automotive or silver polish. Is that true?

No, you’ll make a mess of the surface. Wait a few minutes for me to find a link and post it here


Do a little reading. If you will often be purchasing “previously viewed” DVDs to add to your collection, buying the Digital Innovations Automax Device will be a good investment for you.

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