Question on CD'r's



I need some help on CD-R’s. I have been using “Phillips” brand this time around. They play fine in the car CD Player as well as on the computer.
However, I happened to put one in my “Technics” CD Player in the house. The CD skipped or got stuck repeating like a Broken Record. Other brands of CD-R’s in the CD Player play fine.
In your opinion, do any of you partial to one Brand over another?
I was told not to buy CDR’s made in China but made in Japan is OK.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


Taiyo Yuden cds have been regarded as some of the very best available for a long time now. They are hard to find in local stores in the US. You might be able to locate some under the JVC brand, but doubt it.

Maxell Pro series used to be Taiyo Yuden…I still have a few of those, but Japanese made Maxell’s are long gone now.

You can buy TY cds online pretty easily though. has them for example:
They can also be found at,, and even


I used Taiyo Yuden the first few years when they were 74 Minute CD’s.