Question on buying a new Lite-on

Hi everyone, this is my first post and i’d like to say thanks in advance for any help i recieve. I just returned an LG 32/12/40 cd-rw drive b/c it would produce one coaster for every good disk. Anyway, i now have to buy a new burner and i’d like to know if i should get the 32/12/40 lite on or the 40/12/48 lite on. What i want to know is how good they each are at backing up games (if there are any differences ie: does one not do a specific copy protection), coaster rates, build quality and of course noise. Thanks again.

Backup ability - both is the same.
Quality - both is the same.
Noise - guess which one that is noisier…the 40X of course…sounds like a powerfull fan blowing when spinning at full speed.

With the 40X you get P-CAV writin technology and mount rainier…which may be nice to have in the future.

recently i bought a cendyne(repackaged liteon 32123s)from staples at bargain price.i like it a lot it does everything i wanted i.e. copying games(incl.safedisk2.5) but i’ve also read here that liteons don’t do a audio copy protections.i guess it depends on what you’ll use it for.good luck

can’t you get a firmware update for the 32x to make it support mt. ranier and p-cav?

all recent liteon firmware upgrades improve media compatability,not what you’re looking for.i am hopeful that liteon will do the right thing and give us what we want-the only reason so many people bought liteons is their ability to copy games-i know i did.after all it’s as easy to stop buying liteons as start buying them again.they know that-i hope.

the new cd protection isn’t a big problem for me b/c i don’t like any new bands (classic rock all the way!) and any songs i want i either have on my comp or have cds of already. So anyway, just to clear it up, the new firmware for the lite-on 32/12/40 burner doesn’t enable p-cav and mt. ranier on it?

Basically what i’d like to know is which is better for burning games, the 40 or the 32.

There will most likely not be mt.rainier or P-CAV for the LTR-32123S drive.

Both should do the game back up job good.

whenever i make backups of copy protected games i use clonyxxl which determines particular copy protection found on slows down reading and writing-so speed is not important to me as much as p-cav and support for mt.rainier.but i hope that liteon will come out with it soon.

great, i think i’ll just buy the jet loud 40/12/48. my comp is already loud so it’ll just mute the fans for a bit i guess, that and i can just leave my comp alone when i’m not burning i guess.

one other thing, what is p-cav and what’s the diff between it and zone-clv. also, can the 32x be upgraded to p-cav?

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one other thing, what is p-cav and what’s the diff between it and zone-clv. also, can the 32x be upgraded to p-cav?

on the main page, TOP LEFT Corner you would of found this link


thanks for the link. Lastly, is P-cav better than Z-clv, can the 32x be converted to P-Cav? and as a final thing, how are Lite-ons at burning (not copying) audio cds?

P-CAV Better? Depends on media used…
P-CAV Faster? Yes it’s FASTER.
Write quality still need a bit tweaking with some CD-R disc brands.

The LTR-32125W 32X is P-CAV
The LTR-32123S 32X is Zone-CLV and will stay Zone-CLV.

thanks for the help OC-freak, i’ll get the 32x lite on from though b/c of the noise and the fact that i normally only burn at 24x or less for safety. Also, how is Memorex cd-r media? I’m using the 700meg/80min 40x Memorex CD-rs.

Memorex media vary great in quality, since they buy from many different producers. Sometimes they are extremly good, sometimes not so good. It’s a bit of a gamble…