Question on burning audio cd



Hello, i wanted to burn some of my favorite music to a single CD. so i opened the CD’s in widows media player and chose what songs i wanted to copy and it burned them to a folder on my HD. in all 41 songs, a total of 260 MB. then when i burn the folder to CD windows media player requires 3 cd’s for all 41 songs. since total size is 260mb why wont they fit on one 700mb CD? is there a way to get all 41 songs on one CD? i tried to burn them to a DVD but my DVD player says “unknown CD” and wont play it. any help appreciated. thanks, tom


when you burn to a cd, the files have to be converted to cd audio and a 3mb mp3 will take up a LOT more space in CDA format than in mp3 or wmv or whatever format you have on your computer.

it’s the same reason that retail cds only contain ~20 songs (depending on length)

you can burn the files as data if you have a cd player that will read mp3s. the cd deck in my car is capable of reading mp3s just liek windows media player for example does. i can burn a couple hundred songs onto that cd as a “data disc” then read the DATA (not songs) back on my car stereo.

if you don’t have a playback device capable of reading the files that you have selected from your computer then you’re stuck with the audio cd limitation.

as far as burning to a dvd…cd players can’t read dvds.