Question on bitsetting 3520A



I just bought the 3520A dvd burner and I upgraded the firmware to 1.U6 and everything seems to be working fine. I was interested in bitsetting so I clicked on “BookType” on the BinFlash GUI and I see the following:

DVD+R SL (none) -> dvd+r (active)
DVD+RW (DVD-ROM) -> dvd+rw (active)
DVD+R DL (none) -> dvd-rom (active)

From this I assume that only DVD+R DL will have booktype dvd-rom and the others will have their respective booktype. So I use the pulldowm menu to change the booktype for DVD+R SL to dvd-rom and DVD+RW to dvd-rom. But when I click on allpy I get the following error:

“Drivetype could not be determined”

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? My goal is to set DVD+R SL and DVD+RW as dvd-rom for better compatibility with DVD players. Am I correct in my assumption?



Grab WinBType from Mad Dog and it will work…


I have tried to set for DVD-Rom on this drive with same firmware with a DVD-rw but I can’t see a setting for DVD-rw with WinBType . If try the Binflash app I get the same error as above, is there any app that I can change the book type to dvd-rw for this drive.



Dvd-RW does not bitset.


Well that sorts that then… thanks bud…