Question on backup dvd

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between using “clone” mode and “full disc” to backup a dvd? In additions, when I got a backup copy of Final Fantasy Advert Children, the backup disc works perfectly by I noticed that I couldn’t get into the language choosen meun as the original meun can :clap:

Hi figogo and welcome to cdfreaks,

First off, I never use full disc (mostly, I use clone and main movie), but here’s my 2 cents anyway…

Clone: true 1:1 bkup, rips to .ISO, layer break is preserved regardless of settings.

Full disc: rips in file mode, “remove layer break” must be unchecked in order to preserve the LB. If an SL disc (DVD5) is chosen as the target size, obviously, transcoding occurs (default size for dvd5 = 4300 MB). If DL (DVD9) is chosen, I’m really not sure of what changes occur. If you use clone mode, you shouldn’t experience the language issues, but the fact that this occurs in “full disc” mode is a little perplexing.
Maybe someone that uses full disc can give you some additional info.
If I have a chance, I may fool with it a bit and see…

Hope this helps.


really thanks for your useful informations :flower:

Happy to be of some help… :wink: