Question of quality scanning involving Plextor and Benq

I use Nero Cd-Dvd Speed and Benq 1655 do my my scanning. I also have a Plextor 716al and I just used Plextools first time today. My question is which drive should I believe when it come’s to PIE/PIF scanning? Plextools uses 1 ECC and says PIF max. should be below 4. I scanned a dual layer disc and it read a single spike of 7, but everything else was good. Benq 1655 and Nero Cd-Dvd Speed is 8 ECC and it said I had a max. PIF spike of 6 with a quality score of 97. I thought it was a great burn until I used Plextools. They both reported about the same max. pif but one’s 8 ECC and the other is 1 ECC(I think) so doesn’t that mean it’s interpreted differently? I’m confused cuz Nero says its a great burn and Plextools says it had one bad spike.

A single spike of 7 is no problem at all. If your PIF maximum is 4 or less over the whole disc (except for single spikes) and the PIE maximum is 280 or less over the whole disc (except for single spikes) then your PlexTools scan is good.

PIE, PIF and even Jitter don’t tell you the whole picture though. You should also perform a Read Transfer test, which can be done in PlexTools or on the Benchmark tab of Nero CD-DVD Speed, and if you get a relatively smooth increasing speed curve, then you have a good burn - unless the PIE/PIF/Jitter scan tells you otherwise.

This is all a simplified explanation of course, but at least it should get you started.

cool, thanks. i thought even a single spike was bad news.

No, it is only possibly bad news when you see many spikes over the expected 'normal maximums of 4 at 1ECC scanning or 16 on 8ECC scanning. This would certainly be bad news if you ran the read transfer showed big dips downward at or around those ‘over-the-limit’ PIF spikes.

A single spike by itself could be a piece of lint, speck of dust or a spot where there is a dye splotch (defect). If you take the media out of the drive, see something on the dye side and blow it off with canned air or can brush it off with an anti-static brush, then any spikes caused by having dust or lint on the dye side will likely disappear when you rescan. :wink: