Question, not sure if it is hardware or software related?

Hi everyone, I have a question which I also posted in the software forum but would like to find out if anyone out there knows if it is hardware related or software related. This is what I posted in the software forum:

“Hi everyone, it seems every time that I play a game, since that is when it happens, I haven’t noticed it for anything else really, but for some reason my new computer that I built, when I play a game like Splinter Cell, sometimes it is fine for an hour or more, but then sometimes I get a window pop up, game ends and the window that pops up says, “Critical Error: General Protection Fault”. Now I haven’t even seen this sort of thing before and am not sure what to do. It happened a couple of days ago, said something about a kernel but that hasen’t said that since just Critical Error: General Protection Fault. If anyone out there knows the answer please help.”

So if anyone knows what might be the problem I would appreciate it, thanks.


could be everything…
cpu or graphics-card getting too hot, a faulty driver installation, a bad windows set-up…

just this error-message does not tell you anything about what exactly went wrong…

btw: are you playing from a backup? when does this message appear? while playing or while loading the game?

Hi beginner,

I’m not saying this is the problem for sure, but very often when I see a computer do something like that, it could be bad RAM. I’ve also seen it happen more often in games, because they really give the RAM a workout, and cause the error to appear. Bad memory can totally corrupt your windows installation, and make a variety of nasty things happen. Of course, you can just have a driver corrupted or something, doesn’t have to be bad RAM to happen.

You could try another stick of RAM and see what happens. Unless it’s already screwed up something in windows, it could fix your problem. I’ve seen alot of memory go bad, even new right outta the box several times. It’s one of the least reliable parts in a computer, along with HDDs.

But like razor said, it could be alotta things. Bad HDD, memory, corrupt windows, heating issue, processor bad (dont see that fail much), sound or video card problem, etc. Good luck with that :slight_smile:

I’d start with hardware troubleshooting. 2 very reliable ways of testing RAM and CPU are Memtest86 and Prime95 Torture test.

Download these, run Memtest86 overnight and you should see “0” errors reported. Then if the RAM passes, run Prime95 torture test (blend tests) for several hours and likewise you should see “0” errors. The help files in Prime95 will explain what the various errors mean.

If your system passed those 2 tests you can generally assume you have a rock-solid system as far as RAM and CPU are concerned.

Yes I downloaded, Memestest86, it shows passed 14, and errors 9, so far, it is not done, but what does that mean, I have that corsair 2-2-2-5 latency 3200 that automatically sets itself to that latency, would that cause any problems and also, should ecc be off when testing, cuz that is what it is reporting, also it shows ecc errors to be zero, is there any documentation online that shows what do these errors mean?

This is not good. Suggest changing your RAM timings or increasing the vdimm voltage one notch. There should be “0” errors or your RAM is not stable.

BTW, Memtest86 nevers ends, it just keeps running untill you reboot. One pass takes anywhere from 15 to 60 min, depending on how much RAM you have. You should run at least 8 error-free passes to be certain you have stable RAM.

Well how long should i let it run??? I read somewhere it should run for around 5 hours. Well it has been around 3 hours and I have around 12 errors, 22 passes, and have errors in tests 4, 5, 6, the majority are in 5. Should I RMA the ram and get new different ram? What should I do, also can I run the Prime95 after these despite having some errors show up on the memtest, to see if I have a bad cpu?