Question: Matshita Uj-841s



Hello everyone!

I have searched through a lot of threads and cannot find the answer to my problems! I hope you can all help me.

I recently got my brother’s old Toshiba Laptop with a Matshita Uj-841s DVD-Ram. I would like to create a Data DVD to back-up files from my old computer. For one reason or another, I cannot do so and a pop-up always occurs:

DVD-R and is not empty or is not rewriteable. Please insert new disc.

I have inserted 4 new discs already and I still face the same problem. I am so new to this- this is the first time I am burning something to a DVD. What could I be doing wrong?

The DVD-Ram is labeled DVD+R, and I have tried using both DVD+R and DVD-R CDs to no avail.



What software are you using for the backup?


So far I have tried Nero


What media are you using? Try Imgburn very good GUI and free.


should I only be using a particular type of CD or is DVD+R or DVD-R fine?


[QUOTE=v13co;2185688]should I only be using a particular type of CD or is DVD+R or DVD-R fine?[/QUOTE]

No, but good quality media, like Verbatim or TY, should be the best choice, and more compatible for laptop drives


@ v13co,

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It is a known well-documented fact the Matshita/Matsushita/Panasonic LapTop/NoteBook SlimLine Drives are very “Media Picky” and require the use of quality top of the line Media such as known proven high quality Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media. Attempting to use lesser grade Media will only result in Errors similar to what you are describing.

Also ensure that your Matshita drive has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed.