Question LiteOn 40125S to 48125W Mtr. support?


I updated my LiteOn and the update was successfull,
Nero has found the drive and showed Mount Rainer support but
the Nero Info Tool showed no Mount Rainer Support !
A second problem is Nero CD Speed.
When i try to do a ScanDisk with the option :

Surface Scan the tool reports for my both drives
Toshiba 1402 and LiteOn 40125S ( 48125W ) :

Warning - The Drive is unable to report damaged sectors.

The whole error table goes read !

Thx 4 help.



I have the same problem:

InCD allows format in CD-MRW format.
Nero does say ‘Mount Rainier Supported’ in choose recorder dialog.

However in the Nero Info Tool v. 1.01 the Mount Rainier checkbox is NOT selected!

Have to do a surface scan yet.

Anyone know why Info Tools does not show MRW support ?


My system configuration:
Mobo: Asus CUSL2 (Intel 815E chipset)
CPU: PIII 866 Mhz
Memory: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP Pro.

My disks are configured as follows:

Onboard IDE controller:
IDE primary master: IBM 45 GB harddisk
IDE secondary master: Pioneer DVD-115
IDE secondary slave: LiteOn 48125W (40125W)

Promise Ultra-100 PCI controller:
IDE primary master: IBM 30 GB harddisk
IDE secondary master: IBM 30 GB harddisk

Adaptec 2930CU SCSI PCI controller:
Jaz Drive

(I upgraded my 40125W first from WS01 to WS03 firmware and today upgraded to 48125W VS01 firmware.)