Question LDW-411S Readability DVD+ media

I have several toshiba drives that require bitsetting.

My main drive is a SD-M1502 Drive. (Note this also applies to a Toshiba DVD/CD-RW, Laptop Toshiba DVD/CD-RW, and a dual disc Toshiba Home player)

All of the above drives require bitsetting when trying to read dvd+rw media. I have an HP External USB 2.0 DVD+RW drive and when I use this to burn media it is readable in all of the above drives. However when burning the same discs with my liteon drive and doing the same bitsetting the discs are not readable. Even if I burn a disc in my liteon and take it to the HP to do the bitsetting piece it is unreadable. If the Liteon does any kind of writing on a dvd+rw of mine it is rendered unreadable on all of the above drives…yet the hp always works with its bitsetting utility and the same burning program.

I e-mailed liteon to ask for further information about this problem, because this could end up being an expensive venture for a problem that likely could be cured by a future firmware, but no response after a month. Any suggestions? I really want to wait to see if the problem I’m having is addressed, but it is getting very annoying, since I like to do all my backups on +RW’s

not sure of ur exact situation, but u should know that the bitsetting util on the lite on works best on either a new disc, or one that u do a full erase on.
On the contrary, I use only +r, and so far, one of my discs says it has a -rom booktype but is still unreadable in my toshiba.
try the full erase tip and let’s know what’s up.