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I’m very new to DVD Burners, and this forum is really cool. I’ve learned a lot about DVD burners, software, etc. As you can tell by my name, I have a NEC 2500a. I was wondering if updating the firmware can do damage to the computer itself. I tried searching for this with no results. I am supposed to get this drive either today or tomorrow from newegg, and wanted to learn this stuff so I’m not totally lost.

Thanx in advance :bow:

No, you can’t damage your computer by updating the firmware on your NEC.

You will void your warranty by using other firmware, and if you interrupt the flash while it’s going in DOS, you may leave the drive inoperable… but you won’t kill your machine - just the drive.

no firmware flash can damage your computer!!
only with a bad flash you can destroy your drive.but you can flash it back in dos if a bad flash happens.

ihaveanec2500a Firmware flash on your NEC drive can’t damage your computer.
However if you burn DVDs using bad firmware and then play them on your standalone DVD player, they can potentially leave your DVD player inoperable!!!


Playing poorly burned dvd’s cannot leave your stand alone DVD player inoperable!

The DVD may not play, but it will NOT harm your player!

cool—thanx guys. I got the ridata dvd-r’s today. I’m just waiting for the drive, which should be here tomorrow \m/

ihave in case you did not notice, I was kidding about standalone DVD players
So don’t worry - flash free! :wink:

oh, I know. I’m still not sure if I’m going to flash my drive right away. I may burn a few dvds and get used the process, along with reading the forums, before I mess with anything. Which of Herrie’s firmware do you recommend?

I tried them all except DL firmware, thanks Herrie.I would recommend 107v2b4.

I second that recommendation…107v2b4

well–I got my drive today and I had some problems. For some reason, I think Dell Dimesions and this drive dont like each other. After installing the drive, i rebooted and the BIOS startup screen froze. I could not get into setup/safemode/etc. What I did was take out the battery on the motherboard and replaced it, as someone said they did in another post. Things are looking good. I am using DVD shrink as we speak and preparing for my first burn

Thanks to all who replied to my post

**edit–this drive is so quiet–the best drive I’ve bought as far as sound goes \m/

update—I ripped and burned a 90min movie using dvd shrink. It only took my 30 min for the whole process. I’m using ridata 4x dvd-r media. Is this a good time, and also–will i get a faster burn using nero?

That time sounds about right depending on your system specs.
Keep in mind that the DVDShrink ‘ripping’ and transcoding process is taking up most of your time there.
If you burn another copy from the files that you’ve already ripped, it will only take 15 minutes @ 4X, and ~ 9.5 minutes @ 8X.

yeah–what happened it the first movie i ripped with dvd shrink was only 3.7GB, so thats why it ripped so quickly. The movie i am ripping now is 54% compressed, so its a 40 min job

  1. If a bad flash, can I flash back in windows? some have posted that flashing in DOS is best, some tout doing in Windows is just fine also. confused bc I’ve read so many opinions…
  2. If I flash back to my saved, original FW, do I “regain” my warranty…assuming I would not tell NEC that I flashed away and back to original??
    Thanks guys; you’re all a big help-search features rock!


  1. Windows is multitasking, so when you’re flashing in Windows, there is a chance something MIGHT interrupt the process and it won’t finish properly.
    It’s not a BIOS flash, so you can’t screw your PC so it won’t boot, just the DVDRW - that’s the good part :slight_smile:
    So, I would say, start in Windows cause it’s so much simpler and if it goes wrong, try DOS.
  2. You’re not supposed to but if you flash it back there is no way NEC will know about it I presume.