Question, if one dont mind

On my 2510a. think it would be okay to go ahead and flash the latest 2500 flash herrie has to offer? i dont see a 2510a firmware avilable from herrie. maybe there is one and im not looking in the right place? if not is the 2500 firmware safe to use?


Yes, it should be safe to flash the 1.07 V2 Beta 5 firmware to the 2510A, though apparently you need to do it in DOS as the Windows flasher won’t work.

Herrie has said that a final version that will flash the 2510A in Windows and not change the name of the drive should be available in a week or two.

thanks, the biggest BIGGEST question was that is it safe to flash to a 2500 firmware. i have no plan as of right now to use and DL disks and im getting tons of read errors on my 2510a as opposed to my 2500

It could just be a crappy drive

It could just be a crappy drive

shuush, not yet. i paid overnight shipping for this thing, i dont want it to be bad :slight_smile:

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