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dvd’s have special labels for the movies on them and they have smaller areas around the hole to facilitate being able to print more image. is there blank cds/dvds with small areas like this available so that one can duplicate the labels on movie dvd’s? and is there a way for the consumer to be able to do so with the vivid colors prevalent on dvd movies? and can this be done without sacrificing the playability of the dvd/cd? no one has been able to answer these questions for me yet,can ya’ll?
and lightscribe is inadequate and not satisfactory. please reply a.s.a.p.:bow:

Uh, just scroll down the forums a bit to “Disc Printing and Labeling” for your answer. In short, use printable CD/DVD’s and an inkjet printer capable of printing on CD/DVD. No labels needed.

Yeah, but you have to buy printable discs that have the printing surface extending further in towards the center. The discs play fine and it doesn’t mess anything up quality wise after printing on them.

Moving your thread over to the Disc Labeling and Printing section…

Yes they are called Inkjet Hub printable DVD and CD disc’s and come in white and silver printable.
All you will need is a good quality scanner or you can go to a cover web site for your labels and
case covers and a good quality Inkjet printer that can print on DVD/CD disc’s.

thank you very much. ill have to wait to get one of the other printers. i have a hp 6110 all in one, it wont do the job. or at least the docs on it dont say anything. thanks for the feedback.
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