Question: How to play MP3 DVD on

Hi Folks :slight_smile:
I have a Car Radio that plays audio Cds and, Mp3 discs as well.
Also, have a Stereo (SONY) that supports audio CDs as well as mp3 cds as well. Now I have tried to burn a mp3 folder on a DVD however, both the car & the stereo see: NO DISC. Now, I would be baffled if, someone knows of a software (I dont care how much the app cost I willl be it.) that will burn mp3s to a DVD and, (magically) make in way it will play in a mp3 compatible sterero/car radio…thank you…:bow:

Unless your car radio and stereo have a dvd drive in them, you’ll never get them to read a dvd disk. DVD’s use a different frequency laser than cds. So, in a dvd drive, you have two different lasers to read the disks, depending on whether they are cds or dvds.

Edit: from the wiki entry on dvds: DVD uses 650nm wavelength laser diode light as opposed to 780 nm for CD or 405 nm for HD-DVD or Blu-ray Disc