Question: How do you storage media?


I am new in here, and I have simple question asking for everyone.

How do you storage your naked DVD-R’s ( From Spindle case )

Thank you! :wink:

I normally seperate wraps and large spindles into smaller spindle cases, loading up a 10 or 25 to use, and often throwing a spare silica gel pack into the empty space.

If you mean blank media, I store the discs in cakeboxes of either 50 or 100. For written media, I store important data in cdProjects cases that have the bubble sleeves that prevent scratches. Non-essential data, gets stored in CD wallets & paper sleeves.

Thanks very much you guys,

Thats very interesting result. I should gotta go to buy some DVD Purse, which even spend less than under $5 bucks in here… Most of my stuffs are DVD, but some important stuffs will be storage in DVD tall case. Thanks for you guys advice mate :wink:

Matth has a pretty good idea. I am eventually going to have retail type DVD cases for all of my backups, right not I have retail type cases for approximately half of them . The other half of my backups are divided between 3 DVD spindles (not full) and 8-10 CD Wallets that each hold 12 DVDs that I got for right at $1 each.

i just find full-size DVD cases take up too much space. slim jewel cases, double-sided vinyl sleeves stored vertically in a box, and spindles are my storage vehicles.