Question: How do VCDs play on a DVD player

That is simply the question. I was just wondering how does the VCD actually start playing. I’ve never worked a DVD before, but just before I start making VCDs, I was curious and just wanted to know.

I know there is no menu and such so does it just start playing I guess??

and what if you have 2 seperate files on the CD, Does the one, that you put first play first… then as soon as that is done, it waits 2 seconds (disk-at-once) and then the 2nd plays… then the 3rd, if there is a 3rd file… and so on??

thanks for any help in advance

Well, as far as I tried it it sucks. I never got a vcd to work that I converted myself (from divx -> vcd)

It might be that I did something wrong, but it never worked as I wanted. It is possible however to create vcd’s with menu’s and all that shit. I’d suggest you check for good docs …

good luck :wink:

I always create my vcd’s with nero.
Just choose vcd in nero and drag and drop your files in it.
If you drop more then 1 file the other files will play as soon as the first one is done.

ooh, if you drag and drop an .AVI in nero you have to have a lot of time because nero has to convert it first to .mpeg.

With my old computer (pIII 1000 with 512Sdram) it took about 15houres to convert and burn 1 vcd with nero but with my new computer (pIV 2.0 with 1024Rdram) it takes about 35min for the same movie.

So be patient.

I use an AIWA standalone dvd-player to play my vcd’s on my tv.

thanks guys for the replys
and the links
it helped… I’ll be on my way :o)

the ultimate recourse for the vcd’r

also note… that not all standalone players are capable of playing vcds
but if it does u will put it in, and after a few seconds your display would say vcd or whatever

then u press play n it plays.
again go to they have a dvd player database there with the fucntions

see ya

oh and i dont reccomend using nero for encoding to mpeg

i encode my divX with tmpenc, and make xvcds outtah them
witch my pioneer dv 343 supports…

but more on this at
good luck