Question from Australia - 5005/5006

hi guys,
i’ve been researching these recorders as I’d like to buy one when I’m in San Diego next month on holiday, as they are half our local price over there !!

I have gleaned conflicting information regarding the specs for these machines.
Some places ( including Liteon website) say the 5005 has 110-240v power ( ie, dual voltage) and they also suggest it can take NTSC or PAL inputs.
However, the spec lists on some online stores in the US suggest 110v and NTSC only…confusing.

Can someone tell me if the currently available units have the 220-240v capability and whether I’ll be able to record PAL s-video inputs to a PAL dvd using the US machines ?

Finally, apart from Radioshack ( which only seems to have the 5006), which other walk-in retail stores in the San Diego area ( Carmel valley side) stock these units, as I’d like to be able to visually confirm my requirements before purchase ?

thanks big time, in advance.


How do you make the tuner to work with Australia TV?

Kmart and Sears carry some LiteON.
Some members only club stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club also used to carry them (variable).

You may not want to use the tuner on the LiteON 5005 anyway because it is only MONO not stereo. Many users have turned to use a cheap local stereo VCR to feed the video in on the 5005 with much better sound. You’ll just have to program the VCR to record a TV channel and the 5005 to record from video-in at the same programmed time.

Panasonic has a new model ES10 I believe that is around $190 US and is overall a better DVD recorder (check and has time-slip recording. The only advantage for 5005 is that it is capable of DV (firewire in only) and some could be patched to do a deMacrovision copy protection recording.

Thanks for that but I would prefer to use the inbuilt tuner rather than use the VCR.

Is there a hack that enables the LVW5005 tuner to other than the preset countries that show up inthe setup?

Does the LVW5005 support anything else than NTSC tuner?