Question from an out-of-the-loop music seeker

Which file sharing/download software is the all-around best?
Hello out there. It’s been a couple years since I was last downloading videos and music, so I’m totally out of the loop. It seems that the software I’m looking at is Limewire, Frostwire, Bit Torrent, and then Shareaza.

From what I’ve read, it seems people say you can download a file from pretty much anywhere and as long as I scan it with my Norton before opening it, I shouldn’t get any viruses.

So if that be the case, my question to you is this:

1.) Which of the above software has the least malware?
2.) Which is the lightest on your system? (Doesn’t slow it down or take up a ton of memory)
3.) Which is going to have the fastest download speed and actually be the song/video you think you’re downloading?
4.) Which is going to have the most variety and ability to find rare songs/videos?
5.) Lastly, which is the easiest to uninstall and completely remove from your computer?

Sorry for the P2P inquisition here, but I’m finding bits and pieces of info all over and I’m trying to make an educated decision before choosing. Thanks!


[B]Limewire[/B] = very bad for your computer, tons of fake files, viruses, spam and the files that are real are mostly very bad quality (128kb/s)

[B]Frostwire[/B] = not as bad as limewire but is basically the same source code with a few nasties removed, both have identical content. frostwire is basically a free safer version of limewire pro.

[B]Shareaza[/B] = I haven’t tried it but make sure you don’t get the fake version which is trying to muscle out the real one

[B]Bit Torrent[/B] = is one of many clients that use the bit torrent protocol. you need to forget this one and use utorrent (the best bittorrent client there is). This is by far the ultimate p2p experience, it’s very hard to dl fakes and the speed and quality of content is amazing. There is pretty much nothing that can’t be found on bittorrent networks and it’s in whatever format you want (mp3/flac/avi/mkv/dvd-r/bluray.) once you learn your way around the bittorrent world it becomes impossible to download fakes, viruses and low quality crap