Question from a lurker: Where can I buy Lite-On Drives?

Hi there folks, this is a long time lurker who is ready to make the big step into the world of Lite-On. However, I have had great difficulties in finding a site that sells them. Does my local Best Buy or CompUSA sell them? Or does anyone have a good website?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Go to the site Price Watch website. You can find the best prices on LiteOn drives from quite a few different sources. I found the online dealer Micro Pro in Ohio. I ordered the LiteOn 40X/12X/48X drive last Wednesday afternoon, and had it in my hands the next day. Of course, I live in Ohio too and that might have helped! :slight_smile:

Try I purchased 40125S for $129.00 :cool:

I know you are in the US, but for anyone in the UK you can buy a 40125S for the crazy price of £89 inc VAT from at the mo, IIRC the 32X was only £62 too!!! :cool:

Check out the ASUS CRW-4012A - it kills SD2.51.021, skips the error sectors in 3’ using D-Tools Fast-Dump (13’ without) and costs far less than the 40125S. It won’t do LibCrypt or LaserLock2 but the Liteys won’t do protected audio…

Can you confirm the Asus is able to read protected audio? (Hmmm… just bought the 40sp LiteOn…)

And what are the prices for the ASUS, :smiley:

I have been using Priceline for my last few purchases and it has been great. That’s where I got my Liteon 40x and it was there before anywhere else because I searched all of the regular online sellers that I could find before on a tip online I went there. And the price was reasonable.:slight_smile:

Ebay people, always check ebay if you hvae an account or know someone who does.

If not, check online. I got mine of ebay from It may be cheaper or more expensive off there site but I got my LTR 32x12x40 for $100. (tax and everything) This drive cuts through everything also. I hear epople saying “write SD2 at 4x!” Number 1) this drive doesn’t even write under 8x
2) I write sd2 (2.51) at 32x and get perfect copies.

Great drives.


At BestBuy, look for the Buslink drives and there’re rebates…

Try I think there alternate url is

I spoke to Steve this morning and he said he was put of the 24x liteons, but he did have the 16x. The price on the drives was like $59 US dollars and about $10.00 dollars shipping if you use a credit card.

There contact info is:
Torbec Computer Products, Inc.
10229 N.W. 53rd Street
Sunrise, Florida 33351

Please Contact Us by:
Toll free Phone: 888-503-9850
Local Phone: 954-748-9850
Fax: 954-748-4703

Mail: 10229 NW 53rd Street
Sunrise, Fl. 33351


Web Site:
Alternate URL:
(This was taken straight from there website)

The liteon is not listed on the website, but they do carry them.

I bought my Lite-On LTR-40125S from . The current price is $90.00! This is my fifth purchase from NewEgg and I have had no problems.

There is a post on the Litey forum on how to flash a 24x to a 40x. I recommend buying the 24X and flashing it. You’ll save alot of money

Originally posted by TechNut
I bought my Lite-On LTR-40125S from . The current price is $90.00! This is my fifth purchase from NewEgg and I have had no problems.

57.00 at

Best Buy has Xtasy, Buslink, Memorex, and Sony – which are Lite-On.

OfficeMax has Cendyne, which if they have a LTR drive model number on the box are Lite-On (or VBT, which is a Verbatim made by Lite-On).

So the answer is YES, you can buy them at Best Buy, etc.

There may be some cases where these companies source drives from other manufacturers (especially Cendyne) so it’s best to search the cdfreaks main page and the forums for the drive brand you are looking at before you buy.

CompUSA has the Memorex 48Maxx, which is the Lite-On 48/24/48 LTR-48246S with the version 6 chipset for only $79.99.

Originally posted by FutureProof
Check out the ASUS CRW-4012A…

futureproof, i see you recommend the ASUS 40x, but why not the 48x? is there something wrong with it?

$42 shipped @ And no, I’m not talking about some half-asses rebadged Lite-On. True Lite-On 40125S ZS0K, July 2002.

They’re all Lite-On, so what does it matter what they say on them? :confused: More power to anyone who can get one for less!

My Verbatim 40x (Lite-On) was $30. The only difference is it says Verbatim on the front - otherwise it is exactly the same drive.

OfficeMax starts 12/29 Cendyne(LiteOn) 48x12x48 $39.95 after rebate.