Question for wesociety or Herrie

Does using the 1.07v5 FW in the 2510 effect in anyway the drives original hardware abilities? Will it damage the drive at all. Thanks in advance for your help. Also is Herrie working on a new FW for the 2510?

I flashed my drive with 107v5 and have had no problems. I did get my hands on a dl disk and it burned perfectly and played in all my players with this Fw.

So I guess i just wnat to make sure that using this Fw is not going to damage my drive over time.

No it will not destroy your good drive ! :slight_smile:
Yes Herrie is working on a new firmware ! :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Prema :iagree:

Prema is correct.

I can only agree with Prema and Wesociety :slight_smile: