Question for Warezmaffia-Cds!



Hey when will there be new TeRaX DVD-RIPs on ??? The site promisses new releases at 10-2-2000... and it's 17-2-2000 now!



does terax have a site too or are they just supplying?


Mail from Warezmaffia to me:


Nice that you have some interest for TeRaX.
Warezmaffia is official TeRaS DVD ripp dealer, we sell ALL their releases, so if they bring out a new release, we will be the first and of course also the only one that (may) resell copys of this DVD Rips.
Check out the list on our page, we get new ripps every week, and also fight club is expected in some weeks from now…

These guys dont have a homepage, but if they have any news we will be the source the publishe it, and also cdfreaks wil post it, (we know these guys very good…)