Question for the Mods

Why is it when Im copying to image file to HD I get The errors called ( read disc error ) After so many chances and the it stops.
when It finish reading to Hd I burned it to cd and the Game work.

Thats weired , With Alcohol.
Is that Normal or im doing something wrong ?
I have a lite-on 48246S

I burned NFSHP2 and it worked ! :slight_smile:

These’re normal for many Games with CD copy protections.
as long as your copy can work, that’s all.

I forgot to add another question to the first post.
Why does’nt Alcohol work on my Windows Xp.
What happenens is when I finish downloading the Alcohol software I’ll reboot my PC. Then All that happenens is my PC keeps rebooting itself up.
I can’t get into windows.
So I been using my windows 98 with Alcohol.

Thanks again

Have you switched off auto reboot in your options ?

I looked in Options and I can’t make out what your saying.
Which is the Auto reboot in options Tab ?

ok click start, and then right click on my computer and go to properties, then click the advanced tab, go down to where it says startup and recovery andf click settings, then look for system failure and then uncheck automatically restart, or you can look in your logs and see what the error is.