Question for the Lite-On 48x (original) OWNERS?

I have ready nearly all the threads related to the Lite-On 48x Burner & have finally decided to buy it. It will be available in my part of the World by around August End.

I have just a few days to go before I buy this burner.

What are your Experiences regarding the Lite-On 48x LTR-48125W or LTR- 48126S (Not OC) Burner? Please post your Pros & Cons here.

Thank you all in Advance.

Hello Darshanjog !

I’m exactly in the same situation, i will buy a new cd writer in the end of august.

But i don’t know which model to choice.

48125W or 48126S ?

I have some info that maybe will help you to choice.

Actually the 48125W can’t be overclocked, i tested one of a friend it burn everything at max speed with relative good cdr media.
But i prefer wait a few days more to take the 48126S it will be overclocked probably to 52x/24x/52x.

Today without experiences it’s so difficult to make a choice.
I don’t know what to do.:confused:

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hope this post helps people which are in the same situation like us.

Thusfar there have been no sightings of the 48126S, so any comments about what this drive can or cannot do are pure speculation. We do not know if the new chip will be flashable or not. We do know that the gains in speed, (in the 52x drives), and times for CDR burning will be modest or even neglegible. Since there is no media for 24-32x RW burning, this is also a mute point. The 48125W drive is a fine performer, and prices are great.

rdgrimes, please could you post your Pros & Cons for this drive - LTR-48125W.

120+ views.

No Lite-On 48x owner with no views ???:eek: :confused: :rolleyes:

could you post your Pros & Cons for this drive - LTR-48125W.

cons = 0

I hesitate between liteon ltr-40125W and asus crw 4816a.

I have the Liteon 48125W and I must say I am happy with it, have been able to burn everything I throw at it. A very fast reader also, just one thing I must say would be a good addition is a larger buffer. 2 megs I think is just too small for such high speed recording. It does the job, not saying it doesnt just that the Cd’s it burns, how good of a quality is the burn? At high speeds as this its obviously an issue to think about. The drive can be a little noisy when burning at high speed, other than these few quibbles I would say its a top drive and would recommend it to anyone.


Buffer size is no longer relevant with SmartBurn. At 40x, even a 10MB buffer would last just an instant. the only function of the buffer now is to provide a bit of data for SmartBurn to use when pausing the drive, and 2MB suffices for that purpose. It certainly has nothing to do with the “quality” of the burn. As for noise, the LiteOn is the quietest drive I have ever owned, (about 10), at it’s spinning a good deal faster than the others too.

My bad, when reading its a bit noisy not writing.


I´m happy with my 48125W, cause every data can be copied and I never produced coasters. I always take the sunstar CD-R. 50 pieces cost only 15€.

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According to Lite-on, the 48126S will not be available until late September.:slight_smile:

Am I wasting my money or what? I got LTR-48125W and I really want to know the differences between these two writers. And will it be upgradable? Someone give info :slight_smile:

And what I mean by upgradable is that will LTR-48125W can be upgraded to LTR-48126S. Will I need a new one or what? Where is the website telling that LTR-48126S will release in late Sept.? :slight_smile:

And what I mean by upgradable is that will LTR-48125W can be upgraded to LTR-48126S


Do you know any differences between these two drives? :slight_smile:

the 48125w is not upgradable to 48126s because of the chipset serie the first is 5 and the second is 6.

Can you give more detail? What does that suppose to mean?
and one more thing, (does this show that these two CD-Writers are the same?) :slight_smile:

yes the same for speed but not the same for the chipset part