Question for the hardware gods!

having issues with bandwith on my compaq p4 3.2 ht with 1 gig ram laptop and built in firewire. the port is 1394A using a liteon 1213 burner external oxford 811 chipset new. i can only squeeze about 8x writes from it…any 12x writes fall back and my device buffer goes down to 0 (ie burnproof kicks in) but my read buffer stays full. any way to hack my registry in winxp and increase the bandwith to my 1394a port? i think the problem is they all share the pci bus and bandwith is allocated already. if you have any help i would be most appreciative.

on my desktop xp3200 i dont have any issues getting the drive to write at 12x.

also since this isnt purely a optical storage question please move it to the appropriate forum…i just wanted you to see it…thanks


I have a Compaq P4 2.8 laptop and noticed that it uses a common Texas OHCI 1394 firewire device (I know it’s not the same but may use the same firewire device). Microsoft has a built in driver but it is rather dated (2001) and may be the cause. I think there is a better driver on one of the compaq CDs. I’m at work at the mo and can’t check - will check later.

What firewire device are in your laptop and desktop PC?
What driver provider are listed in Device Manager?

Wrong thread, I’ve moved this thread to hardware forum.

Like Truman said: check for newer drivers! I guess that the Compaq website can point you to the latest available driver available for your device.

funny my laptop computer is only 6 or so months old you would think id have compaq drivers…

am using Texas instruments OHCI complient IEEE 1394 host controller

its microsofts standard 7/1/2001 version driver.

Laptop HD’s are notoriously slow, have you done any benchmarks on the HD to see if it can actually keep up?

I have a new Toshiba 2.8 P4 that can’t capture video without losing tons of frames, but if I use a firewire HD it does great. Most likely what you are seeing is not the result of the firewire interface, but a bottleneck on the PCI bus. Updating drivers won’t help that, updating BIOS may or may not help. You might also look for any BIOS settings relevant to such things and turn off anything else on the MB that you’re not using, like LAN, modem, etc.

I suspect that you’re flogging a dead horse there, unfortunately.

Does the IEEE1394 controller share an interrupt?
Hitachi have a couple of fast hdds for laptops. Dunno what yours have.

I’ve checked all of my compaq CDs, unfortunately they don’t have a compaq driver!

Maybe rdgrimes is right about PCI bus being the bottle neck. If you look in device manager does it list the Standard Microsoft IDE drivers, mine did - this isn’t bus mastering. If I’m right, is your motherboard using an ATI chipset, you can tell, if it has an ATI graphics device. Then you’re in luck, ATI has just recently released their bus mastering drivers for their IDE (Motherboard/IGP falmily).

Go to the link and download Southbridge/IXP Driver:

I highly doubt that you’ll max out the PCI bus (133mbyte/s) under normal usage unless there’s a really bad hardware solution somewhere.

well i can tell you its not the harddrive i use external and internal and im using decryptor to burn so i turned up my read buffer to 40 megs. the read buffer doesnt waver just the device buffer hence its a io bottle neck issue.

also im seeing that my supposed fast p4 prescott 2.8 ht with 1 gig. ram cant handle writing with the internal ide to a 12x dvd…same type of issue device buffer runs out then the slowdown occurs to avoid a buffer underrun. im not too impressed in intel at all…my 2 year old AMD xp3200 has no issues… :stuck_out_tongue:

i do have a ati chipset for my graphic card what makes you think i have a ati motherboard? do compaq laptops use ati mboards?

yes it shares it and seems to allocate a fixed amount of bandwith…thats why i was wondering if a registry hack could fix this issue by incresing it.

With Windows ACPI installed, IRQ’s are not selectable. Your best bet to bump the IRQ’s around is to remove another device and see if they swap around. Turning off un-needed ports in BIOS can do it, like parallel or serial ports, modem, etc.

You can also try to switch HAL profile to ACPI Uniprocessor to enable APIC if your laptop supports it. It’ll give you 24 IRQs which will probably make your firewire controller not share an interrupt.

i do have a ati chipset for my graphic card what makes you think i have a ati motherboard? do compaq laptops use ati mboards?

You’re right. Yours use an intel chipset motherboard. My Compaq laptop does use an ATI chipset motherboard - so yes they do use them.

actually i think my compaq laptop is a ati chipset because i updated the drivers…now it says ati. havent tried to burn at a high speed with the 1394a yet.