Question for the hardware experts



I have a tricky question for the experts. First off, here is my system;
P4 1.5
Iwill P4S Mommybd
512 mb memory
(2) 40 gig hard drives
Iomega 12x Burner
BTC Bdv 10x DVD Drive

Neither of my CD drives can read disks. Some application disks can be read, but NO burnt disks. Not even an Earthlink disk that came in the mail. Any of the disks that I try to read can be read on my kids machine (HP 10x Burner or 8x DVD). Both machines running XP. Weird thing is that if I hook up an old 4x CD Reader it will read "some" disks. But even then the Earthlink CD cannot be read. This has GOT to be a problem with XP. Any pointers or just help in the right direction? Even when I go into the hardware properties and do a Populate to see if it can read the volume label, it can't. The Earthlink CD says Volume information for this CD cannot be found... This sucks. All worked fine. Then just out of the blue, it died. HELP!!!:


Just to be sure:

The problematic discs works just fine on other computers not running win XP?

I’ve stumbled into this problem many times but never found a really working solution.

You have all updates from windows update?
Tried newer IDE drivers for your mainboard?
What CD-Writing programs/CD-ROM emulator programs is installed?