Question for the ENCODING PROS!

How do you separate the MAIN MOVIE from a FULL DVD RIP (vobs and all) and frameserve it into CCE? I’ve only done it from an M2v file after ripping it in IFO mode. I need to know how to do it from FILE mode for the guide I’m using. I know the basics of DVD2AVI and AVISYNTH usage and have done that before. Just need to know how to do it after ripping it in FILE mode.
Basically I’m trying to CCE the main movie and let IC7 do the other stuff and once CCE is done, bring it all together again as one BIG happy VOB family:bigsmile: Just don’t know how to separate it.


If you have the WHOLE DVD ripped to your HD and in a VIDEO_TS folder, then SmartRipper can further rip these files in FILE mode if you wish. In SmartRipper, just click on the Open Folder symbol top right and point to the VIDEO_TS folder

You will need to use DVDDecrypter’s IFO parsing mode. Open the program, and hit ‘I’. Then select the main movie PGC on the right, and hit the DVD>HD button. This will rip only the main movie PGCs, if its a multiple PGC movie you should read the guide at Doom9. Pretty sure you can do this with Smartripper as well.