QUESTION FOR SPATH,TRUMAN,SAM and the rest of experts!

i got an idea about the new securom protection who is using diferent sektor densities !!!
_normaly we are using twinpeaks witch it writes the same sektor twice so the drive read them both and return only one but slower witch increase the seek times !!
The problem is that it works only in some drives but not all !!!

My idea !!! ( i could be worng so forgive me if i am wrong and for my VERy bad english)

I read that the buffer underun technology in today drives writes some sort of link sektors each time the buffer is out and continues to write from that link sektor once the buffer is filled !!
I think that link sektor is transparent but the lasser still need to read that sektor so it increase the seek times !

  • so this is where i come !
    i think that if we insert a link sektor in the same pattern we insert a double sektor with twinpeaks it could work as good as twinsektors but the real advantage is that is gonna work in all the cd drives !!!

What is youre oppinion guys ?? is it wrong ?

I was thinking the same thing a while back - but don’t know enough about linking. It may have too much of a restriction be used.

What restriction ??

As I see it, a link block will only be added after the drive had received the next sector where it had stopped. This means that we could only add 1 link block per sector. The delay of that will be extremely small.

It would work if we could add more than 1 link block per sector.

ok but we do now want to wait the drive to write a link block !!!wee need to know what data is inside that block and burnit lets say from an image !!! is it possible ?

Sorry for replying to an old post, just reading through the posts!

I was thinking on this quite a while ago (when I bought my Plextor 2410). I wrote a simple burn program (RAW/DAO96) and enabled Burn-proof. In a certain sector, I stopped sending data to the burner for a long time (5 mins!), and then continued burning. I could NOT find any difference in reading times for that sector and other ones.

If you think it’s possible, you might try doing what I did, no need to write the sector, the drive will do it for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

And the final question: If there is such a link sector, how old drives can read discs containing it? Correct me if I’m wrong!

Have fun!