Question for Quickee (speed shift rate)

Hey Quikee,

Thanks for your firmware v3. It really rocks. I’m writing G04’s @ 12x using your fw and quality is excellent. :iagree:

It just bothers me that the writing always starts at 4x and then slowly creeps up to 12x. Why is that, and more importantly, can this be changed so it starts at 12x (or just 8x ) ?

I know from the Liteon forum that some of the modded firmwares included a “early speed-shift” hack so the faster write speed started earlier. Could this possibly be done in the Nec firmware as an alternative to the above.

Thanks again for a really, really great firmware. :bow:

I can’t do this at the moment… because I don’t know how. However I think this is possible. But I don’t think it’s possible to make a change that it’ll burn only 12x from the beginning to the end… this way it would be faster than the fastest 16x burn :slight_smile: Every burner burns at 12x in this or similar way… however it would be nice if I could change 8x to start at 6x instead of 4x… this would be much faster than now. And a 10x burn speed would be nice to :slight_smile:

I know that some of the writing strategies starts @ 6x instead of 4x. Maybe you can see some kind of pattern forming if you compare the strategies that starts with 6x and those that start @ 4x.

Somewhere inside the strategy there also has to be some data that tells the burner when to shift to the next, faster write speed. I guess this data is harder to find than the initial writing speed.

No it’s not done that way… How to write at a particular speed is written somewhere else… I only know what speeds are supported… and the location of the strategies for individual speeds. For example… to be able to burn at 8x the strategies for 4x, 6x and 8x must be provided at the exact location.
If this would be so simple I would already do this…

OK, one last question and I’ll stop bugging you… :slight_smile:

Do you think that the way that Liteon and NEC do the speedshifting are compareable? If so, we might be able to get some help from the codeguys. I can take a look at what and where in the Liteon firmware changes when the speedshift hack is applied.

No I don’t think it’s compareable…

Making it burn at a sustained 12x cannot be good for the lens…

Heh… lens ? why the lens ? This is not the problem… the problem is that the drive can’t spin the disc so fast at the beginning. Not even at 8x as the 16x CAV burn starts at 6.5x.

I’m a noob when it comes to the mechanical aspects of how a disc burns, go easy on me :frowning:

But it’s simple if you just think a little… DVD are burned in a spiral from the inner of the disc to the outer end. So it’s logical that the drive must spin faster in the inner of the disc to sustain the same transfer speed if the data density is everywhere the same.